December 16, 2012

Still-Life and Amy Myers Rustic Collection

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Still-Life with Grapes and White Bowl, S. Myers   Photograph 2012

white, pot, rustic, collection, art, photograph, Amy Myers, works, worksofmyers, middle ages, medieval, clay, glaze, vessel, hand-thrown, ceramic, quiet, decor, arte
White Pot, Rustic Collection
Amy Myers
Stoneware, Tin-White Glaze

   Earlier this year I was privileged to take photos for Amy Myers' "Rustic Collection", a series of hand-thrown ceramics inspired by the Middle Ages -  by its rustic daily ware, produced at the same time the great French cathedrals were being built, and full of the same astonishing combination of sunlight, quiet, and overwhelming nervous energy. 
white, bowl, Amy Myers, rustic, collection, stoneware, clay, works, vessel, hand-thrown, glaze, ceramic, middle ages, medieval, quiet, worksofmyers, arte, art
White Bowl, Rustic Collection
Amy Myers
Stoneware, Tin-White Glaze
    Amy Myers has conveyed this emotion into her collection, which are her own forms and conception but also her own materials: glaze, clay, and combinations.  I endeavored to capture their quality in my photography.  Beside the set of pictures I took for her site, I also created a still-life with the bowl from the series.  I feel it to be a sober, handsome composition, suggesting simplicity rather than over-abundance; the quiet gravity of the pottery has created its own core balance.

white, pitcher, vessel, Amy Myers, stoneware, glaze, clay, hand-thrown, medieval, middle ages, quiet, art, ceramic, works, worksofmyers, arte
White Pitcher, Rustic Collection
Amy Myers
Stoneware, Tin-White Glaze

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