May 17, 2015

Spring - Sculpture by Sarah Myers

spring, sarah, myers, sculpture, earthenware, large, red, woman, smile, figurative, new, baroque, classic, flowers, buds, blossoms, wreaths, hair, tilt, exuberance, seasons, personification, allegorical, art, arte, escultura, life-size, happiness, human, head, face, sculpting,
Spring, Sarah Myers
Sculpture in red earthenware, life-scale
   Here is the Spring, smiling, with wreaths of lavish flowers in her hair...  Nestled in the blooms, small faces look up, just awakened or still half asleep.
   This sculpture is in fired red earthenware and is large life-scale.  It was created rapidly, during about four days' worth of sculpting, to avoid damage from drying; it is hollow-built.  The material is a new earthenware clay of splendid texture and tint; I worked it up it from a formula designed by Amy Myers.
    The style is essentially "New Baroque", used to express exhilaration and joy in the new world of spring.  Search carefully for the small faces of the flowers!

spring, face, sarah, myers, sculpture, earthenware, glance, flowers, woman, blooms, hair, red, detail, mouth, human, baroque, figurative, allegorical, classic, arte, art, escultura, seasons, life-size, personification,
Spring, Sarah Myers

spring, detail, flower, child, face, baby, small, little, earthenware, sculpture, sarah, myers, human, allegorical, figurative, personification, happiness, blooms, hair, seasons
Detail, Spring, Face of a Flower
Sarah Myers

spring, side, sarah, myers, sculpture, red, earthenware, life-size, woman, human, flowers, blooms, faces, hair, seasons, figurative, allegorical, personification, classic, art, arte, escultura
Spring, Sarah Myers

spring, detail, flower, child, face, baby, sleeping, small, little, earthenware, sculpture, sarah, myers, human, allegorical, figurative, personification, happiness, blooms, hair, seasons
Spring, Detail, Face of a Flower
Sarah Myers

hibiscus, flowers, spring, detail, sculpture, hand-built, clay, earthenware, seasons, bloom, red
Spring, Detail, Hibiscus
Sarah Myers

spring, detail, flower, child, face, baby, awake, small, little, earthenware, sculpture, sarah, myers, human, allegorical, figurative, personification, happiness, blooms, hair, seasons
Spring, Detail, Face of a Flower
Sarah Myers

Spring, profile, sarah, myers, flowers, hair, blossoms, blooms, head, woman, face, personification, figurative, allegorical, seasons, tilt, smile, braid, sculpture, escultura, clay, red, earthenware, side
Spring, Sarah Myers

spring, detail, flower, child, face, baby, smile, small, little, earthenware, sculpture, sarah, myers, human, allegorical, figurative, personification, happiness, blooms, hair, seasons
Spring, Detail, Face of a Flower-bud
Sarah Myers

spring, back, flowers, hair, blossoms, wreath, braids, twist, woman, human, figurative, allegorical, sarah, myers, sculpture, escultura, earthenware, clay, life-size, face, seasons
Spring, Sarah Myers

May 13, 2015

Flautist, music, flute, Sarah, Myers, charcoal, drawing, conte, shading, figurative, woman, classic, tobias, stimmer, sixteenth, century, musical, study, art, arte
The Flautist, Sarah Myers
Charcoal and White Conte on Grayscale Paper
Inspired by the sixteenth century woodcuts of Tobias Stimmer, and by the spirit of music.  Drawing in charcoal highlighted with conte.

flautist, music, flute, detail, face, eyes, sarah, myers, drawing, figurative, human, woman, classic, sixteenth, century, tobias, stimmer, art, arte, musical, instrument, charcoal, conte, shading
Flautist, Sarah Myers

flautist, flute, music, sarah, myers, detail, hands, charcoal, conte, musical, instrument, sixteenth, century, fingers, drawing, art, arte
Flautist, Sarah Myers
Detail of hands

Morning Cherries, Photography by Sarah Myers

cherries, fruit, flowers, orange, morning, photography, sarah, myers, photograph, food, amy, myers, ceramics, rustic, collection, white, handthrown, pottery, kitchen, granite,still-life,
Morning Cherries
Photography by Sarah Myers
A bowl of deep red, juicy fruit and their crowd of little stems, just waiting...  And the cheerful orange of lantana.  The bowl and the pot are handthrown ceramics by Amy Myers, see her creations here.

May 11, 2015

Plenty - Drawing in Charcoal and White Conte

plenty, abundance, figurative, allegorical, drawing, study, shading, charcoal, sarah, myers, grapes, wheat, bread, basket, loaves, vine, leaves, woman, head, face, personification, art, arte, conte, figurative, classic, new, baroque
Sarah Myers, charcoal and white conte on grayscale paper

Allegorical portait, "Plenty", with wheat, grapes, loaves of bread and vine-leaves.  This drawing is in charcoal and white conte on medium grayscale paper.

plenty, abundance, drawing, detail, face, eyes, sarah, myers, bread, wheat, loaves, vine, leaves, grapes, charcoal, conte, shading, allegorical, personification, human, woman, classic, figurative, art, arte, study, grayscale, gray, wheat, new, baroque
Plenty, detail

plenty, abundance, detail, basket, drawing, grapes, shading, charcoal, conte, grayscale, gray, leaves, vine, basketweave, weave, eyes, allegorical, figurative, woman, human, personification, new, baroque
Detail, basket

Grapes and Red Pears, Photography by Sarah Myers

grapes, still-life, pears, red, photograph, photography, sarah, myers, crystal, compote, glass, fruit, cluster
Grapes and Red Pears
Photography by Sarah Myers

May 10, 2015

Wine-Coloured Chrysanthemums

burgundy, chrysanthemums, mums, flowers, flower, arrangement, pitcher, oinochoe, amy, myers, sarah, vase, ceramic, stoneware, greek, desert, light, photography, photograph, red, wine-colour, still-life
Chrysanthemums, Desert Branches in a Pitcher
Photography by Sarah Myers

Great, glowing burgundy chrysanthemums, placed in a graceful pitcher - a form inspired by an ancient Greek shape, the oinochoe, and created by Amy Myers.  Photography by Sarah Myers.

Chrysanthemums, red, burgundy, flowers, flower, mums, sarah, myers, plants, petals, pattern, detail, close-up, macro, photograph, photography, arrangement
Wine-coloured Chrysanthemums
Photography, Sarah Myers

Inspiration, Drawing in White Conte

conte, white, black, inspiration, woman, muse, harp, allegorical, drawing, figurative, personification, grayscale, human, head, face, sarah, myers, music, charcoal, art, arte
Sarah Myers, white conte on near-black grayscale paper
In white conte touched with charcoal - Inspiration and a harp...
inspiration, conte, white, black, face, sarah, myers, art, arte, drawing, harp, hair, music, figurative, allegorical, personification, eyes, detail, charcoal, grayscale
Inspiration, detail
Sarah Myers

May 9, 2015

Nature Inspires - Shell and Sun

shell, sunlight, sarah, myers, murex, nature, inspiration, study, photograph, photography, shadow, sun, seashell, sea, ocean, bright
Study of a Shell and Sun
Photography, Sarah Myers

Face of Peace - Charcoal Drawing

face, peace, charcoal, sarah, myers, paper, conte, olive, dove, pigeon, bird, woman, figurative, human, classic, peaceful, allegorical, art, arte, drawing, shading, grayscale, tone
The Face of Peace
Sarah Myers, Charcoal and Conte on Grayscale Paper

Olive branches, a dove with outspread wings, and the face of Peace.

face, eyes, peace, head, woman, dove, bird, olive, pigeon, peaceful, sarah, myers, charcoal, conte, shading, tone, grayscale, drawing, classic, figurative, human,
Face of Peace, detail
Sarah Myers, charcoal on paper

Nature Inspires - Amaryllis, Photography by Sarah Myers

photography, photograph, amaryllis, flower, nature, plant, sarah, myers, red, white, bloom, majestic, flowers,
Nature Photography by Sarah Myers
   I am intrigued with the majesty of these tall Amaryllis blooms, the way their grand form combines with such fresh, cheerful colours of red, white, and apple-green - or we should say, Amaryllis green, for it too is unique and irreplacable...  A towering crown of flowers swaying against the clean blue sky.

amaryllis, photograph, flowers, photography, flower, red, white, bloom, nature, plants, sarah, myers
Amaryllis and Sky
Photography, Sarah Myers
amaryllis, flower, nature, photography, photograph, sarah, myers, red, white, bloom, blue, plants, bulbs, flowers
Amaryllis, Red and White
Photography, Sarah Myers

Triangle - Painting by Sarah Myers

painting, triangle, composition, acrylic, woman, figurative, modern, black, white, human, art, arte, sarah, myers, line, canvas, quarter-length, moderne, diagonal, pintura
Sarah Myers, Acrylic on Canvas

triangle, woman, face, head, hands, painting, technique, detail, art, arte, pintura, eyes, black, white, sarah, myers, human, composition, diagonal
Close-up detail of "Triangle"

May 7, 2015

fruit, photography, still-life, tangelo, orange, light, sunlight, granite, iron, mannerist
Mannerist Tangelo, Still-life Photography by Sarah Myers
The plump fruit, with its rich colour; the granite, curved iron, and strong sunlight.

Living with Art - Two Sculptures in Interiors

sculpture, interior, woman, sarah, myers, art, sculptor, still-life, nicho, living, roses, arte, escultura, mirror, figurative, classic
Sculpture and Yellow Roses in a Nicho
Sculpture is "Woman with a Mirror" by Sarah Myers
   Two photographs, both with gold tones; my sculptures sited in interiors.  In the first, roses, orange blossoms, and jewelry surround "Woman with a Mirror".  The second photo shows "Bull's Head" on an antique gold table, with Amy Myers' "Exuberance", a still-life of yellow Inca lilies, above the table on the wall.

sculpture, bull, animal, interior, living, art, arte, sarah, myers, sculptor, room, painting, amy, myers, gold, table, exuberance,
"Head of a Bull", Sarah Myers -
Painting is "Exuberance" still-life, Amy Myers

May 6, 2015

Horse and a Windy Day - Line Drawings

horse, study, line, drawing, art, sketch, charcoal, head, animal, Sarah, Myers, arte, equine, morgan, minimalist
Head of a Horse in Wind
Sarah Myers, Charcoal on Paper

     Two studies of a horse on a lightly windy day, sketches drawn in black charcoal with simple lines.

Horse, running, line, drawing, study, sketch, Sarah, Myers, movement, gallop, charcoal, art, arte, minimalist
Horse Running in a Light Wind
Sarah Myers, Charcoal on Paper