May 13, 2015

Flautist, music, flute, Sarah, Myers, charcoal, drawing, conte, shading, figurative, woman, classic, tobias, stimmer, sixteenth, century, musical, study, art, arte
The Flautist, Sarah Myers
Charcoal and White Conte on Grayscale Paper
Inspired by the sixteenth century woodcuts of Tobias Stimmer, and by the spirit of music.  Drawing in charcoal highlighted with conte.

flautist, music, flute, detail, face, eyes, sarah, myers, drawing, figurative, human, woman, classic, sixteenth, century, tobias, stimmer, art, arte, musical, instrument, charcoal, conte, shading
Flautist, Sarah Myers

flautist, flute, music, sarah, myers, detail, hands, charcoal, conte, musical, instrument, sixteenth, century, fingers, drawing, art, arte
Flautist, Sarah Myers
Detail of hands

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