September 20, 2015

egret, bird, minimal, charcoal, art, drawing, study, animal, black, paper, arte, dibujo, nature, head, beak, simple,minimalist, minimalism, line, line-drawing, Sarah, Myers, artist, neck, pencil
Head of an Egret, Sarah Myers
   Study of an Egret, minimal line-drawing in charcoal.


  1. I like your sketch Sarah, I'm also in the study of birds :)
    They are a great inspiration, stylized body, long legs and necks ... well, I liked to find this beautiful drawing.
    A hug.

  2. Yes, dear Belen, I think we share this love of the tall water-birds - and yours have such enchantingly happy expressions, too! :-) This one (the real, original egret) was a little confused, wandering back and forth around the back of our house, so she did not smile for me, though she seemed to listen when I talked to her softly...
    Thank you immensely for the kind comment, and for the visit - I greatly appreciate! Sending many smiles.