November 18, 2015

The Colours of White - Photography by Sarah Myers

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Jasmine White
Sarah Myers, Photography
What are the colours of white? The pure scent of the jasmine blossom, the billowing shoulders of an unstained cloud; the pearl-cold, pearl-small dot of the moon among the palm-fronds; the delicious ivory of a new rose; that burst of exultant happiness, the Star of Bethlehem flower; the frail lace of an apricot bloom which is the delight of an eager bee. Here are many tints of white, the colour without shadow.
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Ivory, Cream and White
Sarah Myers, Photography
clouds, sky, weather, skies, desert, huge, white, panorama, storm, blue, cielo, azul, blanco, beautiful, majestic
Cloud White
Sarah Myers, Photography
Star, Bethlehem, ornithogalum, bulb, white, bright, plants, nature, garden, bloom, petals, stamens, macro, close-up, sarah myers, photography, photograph, spring, blanco, plantas, flores, natura,
Star of Bethlehem
Sarah Myers, photography
moon, palm-tree, tree, palm, white, night, evening, desert, landscape, luna, nature, view, sarah myers, photography, photograph,  palmas, sky, dark, white, blanco,
Sarah Myers, photography
bee, insect, flowers, flower, apricot, fruit-tree, fruit, tree, sarah myers, photography, photograph, arbol, abeja, nature, white, blue, azul, flores, beautiful, spring, season, light, bright,
Spring-White and Bee
Sarah Myers, photography

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