July 27, 2018

Two Drawings in Line - Art by Sarah Myers

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Abundance with a Cornucopia, Sarah Myers
Minimal line drawing in charcoal

    Here are two drawings with classical inspiration; a figure with an overflowing cornucopia and an Athena with helmet and shield. While the minimal outlines describing them are a style we associate with modernism, it's also true that the ancient Greeks were masters of the very simple, very accurate line that brings so much life and energy to their vase-paintings, and I hope that some of that influence remains in my drawings - even though these quick sketches, made at least partly to express fugitive thoughts on even more transient social media, are very much results of the present era.

art, arte, drawing, sarah, myers, minimal, line, line-drawing, contemporary, modern, athena, minerva, helmet, classic, classical, dibujo, sketch, woman, figurative, female, human, Greece, Greek, minimalist, simple, design
Athena, Sarah Myers
Minimal line drawing in charcoal


  1. Wow......... Goddess of Abundance and Goddess of War... never the twain shall meet.

  2. No, you're quite right, Derek! But if instead we say the Goddess of Abundance and the Goddess of Wisdom – any abundance is not likely to last without wisdom and learning, so perhaps these two can be found together after all. As I recall it was always crazy Ares (Mars) who started wars and human destruction... Thank you greatly for your visit and for commenting, I truly appreciate it! :-) :-)