January 28, 2013

Failure of Solar Power

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Days and Days of This

    I’ve been eager to post so many things for you to see – a very new painting, old sculptures safely unpacked, a sketch or so, a whole half-dozen different images. But they all needed my camera, and my camera needed the Sun.

    All week the sky has been a gentle, moody, glum expanse of cloud. Now and then the rain comes down in the same gentle, depressed manner, leaving palm-trunks dripping black and the little concavities and cracks in the patio shaded darker with damp – merely shaded, since even during this wet spell the air here is so dry standing water evaporates immediately.

   I am putting up an eyewitness photograph to substantiate my claim. As soon as the Sun breaks through consistently I will seize my camera and drag some artwork out into the longed-for light.         

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