January 5, 2013


Neptune, Poseidon, sparrow, small, Greek, fountain, plaza, hubris, poetry, bird, art, S. Myers, Sarah Myers
Neptune and Sparrow, S. Myers    Photograph 2011


Upon the shoulder of an angry Neptune in the square
Danced a handsome sparrow full of restaurant scraps.
He preened, he fluffed, put bird-dust in the air
While people stood about and looked at maps.


O be not angry, Neptune, near your nose
This creature roosts himself, an arrant midge;
Nor pour your fury out on all of those
Who see, but do not blame, the sacrilege.

For even if we thought as men have thought
And owned your might, and your dominion broad,
We still might not dislodge him from the spot -
He, protege of yet still mightier god.

Yea Neptune, see the omen we ignore,
This arrogance that preens and props and sprawls;
The symbol of what rules now evermore -
Without whom not the proudest sparrow falls.

                                                     - S. Myers, 2011

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