November 1, 2012


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Kore, sculpture and photograph  S. Myers 2012

 Artist's Misstatement

     S. Myers, 2012

            In her latest work the artist has labored to open a door upon the concealed harmonies, the cycles of bloom and growth, and the immense but often secretive order of the human universe.
            Correspondingly the artist has struggled to shut out signs of universal dissonance (when Artwork could be Art but doesn't Work), cycles of disintegration and decay (Masterpiece falls to Pieces unexpectedly in front of its Master) and randomness in the human experience (whose worst result is not an Art without any object, which should not astonish the public, but an object without any Art, which alarms even the artist).

            But with such goals triumphantly achieved, there often remains intense effort, grinding toil, argumentative dialogue between Art and Artist.  Sometimes there doesn't.  These differences the artist attributes to the vagaries of her Muse.  Therefore - as you will notice - for more effort I do not charge more.  Many other projects go smoothly as butter and take only half the time.  This I attribute to skill and experience.  Therefore - as you will notice - for less effort I do not charge less.

            It is the custom to speak of artworks themselves in terms such as the radiation of effervescent inspiration or the transparent vibrations they produce.  I prefer to reverse this approach and look at responsibilities from the other end.  The viewer should not set up vibrations too large or too opaque in the direct vicinity of the artwork and they should not bump it.  It might fall over or drop off a wall.  Nevertheless, bronze has proved a durable substance since its recent invention, and ceramic will last as long as it is not broken.  Even as shards it will endure long enough to imprint remorse and despondency and, if left in the exact spot where dropped, will provide the archaeologist invaluable information on your times, status, and mode of life.  Paper and canvas items should be installed where they will not come into contact with missiles, hand-thrown or otherwise, such as cans, fruit, eggs, boomerangs, bird-shot or gum.  The ideal suggestion for ensuring preservation of any and all pieces would be for buyer to travel to Egypt and arrange to be buried with his collection.  We could then unofficially guarantee a lifetime of about three thousand years (for the artwork).

            But the main purpose of my art is enjoyment during the owner's own lifetime.  This should not be difficult.  All discriminating Art enjoys living in the presence of a fine collector, and my works are no exception.  An art's chance to look at an inspiring collector day by day cannot be equaled by any other experience, inside or outside gallery or museum.  Inside or outside the universe.  For the universe is, after all, one immense gallery, with pieces of artistic merit waiting through history - some patiently, some impatiently - for the moment when they can seize their eager collector and keep him forever.

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