November 8, 2012


Head of a Woman, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, art, arte, sculpture, lost, ruined, original, large, fragile
Head of a Woman,  2011  Sarah Myers

    She is not the first sculpture I have lost and most likely not the last...  But she was the latest and the largest.
    I could not find an appropriate method for producing a cast, could not ship her and in the end had no room to take her with me.  I might have been resigned to receiving her in a somewhat Mitoraj state at the other end of the adventure.  But a sculpture of her weight, fragility and size (she was life-scale - large life-scale) cannot be packed in a vehicle which is already a solid Rubik's cube of boxes.  So here is a blurry picture of my creation leaning against the wall of the old studio, this written lament, and my growing resolution to make something like her in the future.

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