November 29, 2012

Autumn Rain on Roses

   The rain came - but not the angry bucketfuls, splattered by a cold blast, that I know as a Fall storm.  No; this was a slow, methodical rain, descending gently as if from an immense watering-can with very small holes; a gardener's rain, that only loaded each flower petal as heavy as it could bear without shattering the flower.  And all the roses rejoiced.

Rose, bowing, downward, rain, dew, wet, art, arte, photograph, pink, English, beaded, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, art, Fall, Autumn, plants, floral
Bowing Rose with Rain
Rose, white, pink, photograph, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, art, arte, stamens, rain, dew, petals, translucent, plants, floral, autumn, fall
White Rain
red, rose, pink, rain, water, dew, thirsty, drops, upward, arte, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, art, flower, floral
yellow, rose, dew, rain, drops, water, wet, beaded, hem, arte, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, photograph, art, gold, light
Beaded Hem
English Rose, dew, rain, wet, Sarah Myers, S. Myers, pearl, arte, embroidery, art, Perdita, flower, bloom, pink, translucent, fall, autumn
Pearl Embroidery

rose, yellow, rain, wet, dew, leopard, Sarah Myers, art, arte, S. Myers, photograph, gold, leaves, water, autumn, pale, art
Leopard Rain

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